Pre-K Class (4-5 years old)

The Pre-K class, designed for the 4 and 5 years old follows a daily structure, with a focus on early arithmetic, language and writing programs (see the programs listed). Our Pre-K class is especially designed to get your child ready for Kindergarten and well prepared for school.

Daily schedule at the Lion’s:

9:00 am Recess

9:30 am Morning Circle

9:45 am Breakfast

10:00 am Daily Program (see programs)

10:30 am Playtime

11:00 am Themed Work Session

12:00 pm Lunchtime

12:30 pm Quiet-time and Activities

2:30 pm Goodbye Circle

3:00 pm Afternoon Program (see programs)


One of our main goals is to teach responsibility to our Pre-K students. They learn how to take care of their own belongings, supply boxes, folders with their paperwork and to be responsible for their actions. Students independently complete their own paperwork, with teacher assistance as needed.

Therefore we have a weekly “kids conference,” where students gather and evaluate their roles in a group setting. The teacher is present to supervise and support the process, however, the children are the leaders of this session.

Every Pre-K student prepares his or her own lunch (“German Brotzeit”) daily.
Each student is given their own silverware to use for spreading butter, cheese, and more while preparing their sandwich.

Following the European concept of educational development, we believe our Pre-K children need time in their day to play. Students are given chances inside and outside to use their imagination and socially interact with each other.

The Lion class guarantees a well-prepared transition to Kindergarten with motivation for their educational journey to begin.