Pre-S (2.5 to 4 years)

German ISD believes that it is a great opportunity for children to learn from-and with-each other, reaching milestones together!

We use the “Bayerischen Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan für Kindertageseinrichtungen” curriculum with a focus on the whole child while still giving our little students enough time to play.
“Play” has a positive influence and impact on every child’s social experiences and skills. They learn to take care of each other, be responsible for toys and classroom materials, and to clean up following activities. Additionally, they learn to follow instructions and rules, use their imagination while playing together, and grow individually during play.

At German ISD, we support your child’s playtime by offering opportunities to play inside the classrooms and outside with our spacious playground area. By kicking or throwing a ball with each other, running around, swinging, sliding, or riding the balance bikes, our students improve their motor skills without realizing it themselves.

The Elephants, The Giraffes and The Penguins –
2.5 to 4 years old students

Instilling German language development and communication, health, and cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development, German ISD focuses on the whole child.

All our classrooms are designed to be a comfortable and inviting environment featuring children’s artwork and photos. Our classroom furniture is set with wooden tables and chairs, which will remind you of an authentic German Kindergarten setting. Our focus is on offering pedagogic, recommended, and approved wooden toys for the best possible development in our students.