Mariana Rojas Chavez

German Teacher Pre-S

About Me

“I have been part of the German ISD family since January 2017. I am passionate about working with children. I think they are the most interesting and pure beings on Earth. Even though I am the teacher for them, they teach me every day many things such as living in the moment and being transparent. Every day is full of excitement and unforgettable experiences at German ISD! I feel very lucky to be part of your children’s life and to have the opportunity to influence them positively in their development. For me, it is very important to teach your children about caring and loving human interactions, valuable social skills and of course, the German language and culture, which I am sure will be a highly valuable tool in your children’s future.”

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Psychology (FSU Jena), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (UNT), currently Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (UNT)
Experience: 2 years at German ISD, music teacher, translation work, and psychological assistant
Hobbies: Languages, traveling, writing
My Courses: Entenland, Finki, Singkreis
Projects: Latin American cuisine, All about Mexico, Music around the World

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