Michaela Ward


About Me

“I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of German ISD for the past seven years. The charming school, the wonderful children and the amazing team of teachers are a few reasons why I love German ISD so dearly and remain firmly committed to its success. It is my personal goal to lead this unique school toward its best interests and to create the most beneficial environment for education. I am delighted to be surrounded with the German language and traditions, and even more so, to be sharing them with our little students here in North Texas. I remain committed to our unique program with its self-developed curriculum and German-based philosophy. My one special treat: Hearing our little, happy students speak their first German words! – Those are the golden moments in which we all are rewarded for our hard work and great concepts. Those moments are priceless and remain etched in our hearts.”


  • Diplom Heilpädagogin, Fachakademie für Heilpädagogik, Würzburg Germany
  • Staatlich anerkannte Erzieherin, Würzburg Germany,
  • Director Credential, State of Texas USA

Experience:at GISD:

  • 2011 Assistant Teacher/ Lead Teacher
  • 2013 Established 1st Pre-K class and taught the 1st class of students
  • Since 2014 Director of German ISD

In Germany as, remedial teacher 2002 to 2009:

  • Hort Kriftel: Afterschool classes
  • Sprachschule Kitzingen & Gerolzhofen

In Germany as Erzieherin 1998 to 2002:

  • Kindergarten Kitzingen: Lead Teacher
  • Kinderkrippe Kitzingen
Hobbies: Family activities: School band, soccer, choir, Swimming, dancing, baking

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