About this Course

Age: Pre-K 5 years old
Theme: German language
Attendees: Pre-K classes
Course Schedule: 2nd semester
Focus: Comprehension, syllables, vocabulary/lexica, and grammar

Course Features

Developed by Prof. Johannes Jung and Michaela Vogt of the University of Würzburg to help children understand the principle of the German language, BuchStaLa supports our educators in the preparation for their student’s school-readiness. Besides becoming familiarized with the alphabet, children are introduced to the first informal and playful experiences with the written language. It focuses on the phonological awareness, which is known as the necessary skill for children to learn reading and writing effectively, significantly increasing  quality of life after the achievement.

The process of a child’s literacy acquisition can be very beneficial and almost always guarantee a successful school career.  The BuchStaLa concept was developed especially for the Pre-K age group to learn and enjoy reading and writing before the beginning of first grade.  It focuses on a playful, holistic approach to the subject, which leads to effective learning progression, receiving and encouraging motivation to actively engage in reading and writing.

BuchStaLa focuses on:

  1. Playful experiences with the written language
  2. Learning basic principles of the German language
  3. Initiation of the second stage of phonological awareness