Finki “Das bin ich”

About this Course

Age: Pre-School 2.5 to 4 years old
Theme: Language, social class activities
Attendees: Pre-School students
Course Schedule: Weekly throughout the year
Focus: German language, fine-motor and social skills

Course Features

Finki “Das bin Ich” serves as resource for language development in German ISD’s early childhood education program. 

Pre-S students have the opportunity to participate in a small group setting to practice their German language skills. The engaging materials are memory games, listening games, books, and more which are familiar to each children’s environment. However, no character is more popular than the beloved bird Finki, a mischievous blue bird in the form of a hand puppet, who leads the group, encourages children to speak, and give positive feedback.

In interacting with the puppet, children work on vocabulary, sentence structure, and communication. The small group setting is very well suited for playing games, drawing pictures, and working on fine motor skills, while being immersed in the German language. During the story-telling time, the students are given the opportunity to engage in conversations about what they have experienced and learned – Finki now acting as the listener of course – and the children as the active speakers!