Hören, Lauschen & Lernen

About this Course

Age: Pre-K 5 years old
Theme: German language
Attendees: Pre-K students
Course Schedule: Daily
Focus: Rhymes, syllable, words, and sentences

Course Features

This German language program is taught daily in Pre-K classes.

An emphasis is placed on the usage of literal vocabulary in all exercises, with each corresponding picture card is supplemented accordingly to use language. “Hören Lauschen Lernen” offers a variety of exercises which can help preschoolers learn in a playful environment and recognize the phonetic structure of spoken language (phonological awareness). It is a great introduction for the Pre-K students to learn writing in school. The program begins with eavesdropping to practice listening carefully, and continues with rhyming exercises, and follows with an introduction to the units of sentence, word, and syllable.