German Singkreis Pre-K

About this Course

Age: Pre-School to Pre-K 2.5 to 5 years old
Theme: Music, instruments, and socialization
Attendees: Current German ISD students
Course Schedule: Every Friday
Focus: Incorporating fun with socialization, dance, music, and insturments

Course Features

All our classes meet once a week to gather and sing old traditional German songs—as well as new and modern music—together. Instruments and engaging dances are included. Music is a key to enjoying learning!

Children love to sing and may start “singing along” to songs long before they even say their first word. Singing is fun for our students, accompanied by amazing benefits helping in their development, language skills, and confidence.

Singing increases your child’s vocabulary while teaching pronunciation of new words. Every language has its own rhythm, and singing will help your child understand rhythm as well as rhyming. Children learn how to express themselves and their feelings through singing. Music helps children communicate with others, and singing with friends will teach teamwork and forming strong bonds with other children, helping them make new friends.