Curriculum Pre-K

Our balanced program offers experiences in music, art, motor development, educational concepts, pre-numeric skills and math, science, and language development. Cultural awareness, creativity, independent learning and individualization are central goals of the program. The curriculum is structured around predefined themes that change throughout the year. The teaching structure is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the children’s questions and to delve deeper into specific interests that might come up during class. We nurture the children’s natural curiosity.  At German International School of Dallas, we do believe that inquiry is a powerful tool to learn about one’s environment. In all our activities we acknowledge differences in developmental stage, as well as cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Learning in an international environment, with many different nationalities represented, offers a positive experience to all of the children.

Our purpose is to provide an environment and comprehensive program where in children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years may develop their intellectual and physical skills before formally entering the school system.  Our programs focus on different developmental areas to enhance the children’s growth and learning by offering a wide selection of topics and group activities.


We have four classes of children divided according to age. The first three, the “Elefanten”, “Giraffen” and “Koalas” toddler groups, will consist of children aged 18 months to 3 years.

A Pre-K group, the “Lowen” class, is intended for 4 and 5 year olds. These are the children going to kindergarten in the following school year.



  • Forschen mit Fred (science program)
  • Das bin ich (language program)
  • The preschool (Elefanten, Giraffen & Koalas) groups will additionally to the early arithmetic program Entenland utilize a language program, Logico, designed to develop learning and language skills.

The Pre-K (Lion) group follows a daily structure and focus on preparation for school. This will be achieved through the following early arithmetic, language, and writing programs:

  • Zahlenland (early math program)
  • W